T is for Tomato

Why we love this versatile, juicy fruit—and yes, it’s a fruit.

As colorful as they are tasty, tomatoes are also rich in vitamin C, potassium, folate, vitamin K, and the antioxidant lycopene.

Did you know that the tomato you know and love is also a model of versatility? From a botanical standpoint, tomatoes are identified as a fruit, but nutritionists label them as a vegetable due to the fact that most chefs use them as if they were one. In kitchens throughout the globe, this brightly colored fruit has become a true staple in various meals, from breakfast dishes all the way through dinner. Simply put, tomatoes make for simple, colorful cooking while also keeping your meals totally delicious.


Tomatoes are used in meals for their taste—they’re literally gushing with umami flavor—as much as for their nutritious properties. Each bite of tomato gives your body a burst of vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, folate, and the antioxidant lycopene. When you eat tomatoes, you’re not only helping to promote heart and skin health, but the lycopene found in tomatoes is also a powerful antioxidant. With all of these benefits packed into a vine-ripened fruit, it’s hard not to feel pretty good about fueling your body with plenty of tomato goodness. Talk about a nutrition powerhouse! 


When it comes to taste, there’s a reason tomatoes are a chief component of cuisines throughout the world. Whether it be as a player in the main course, a side dish, a salad, or even a sandwich topping, tomatoes fit in effortlessly to meals of all stripes. It’s why we use frozen cherry tomatoes as part of Path of Life’s Mediterranean Quinoa Blend, which pairs them alongside spinach and basil to make delectable quinoa that goes from frozen to table-ready in just a matter of minutes. As is always the case at Path of Life, we pick our cherry tomatoes when they are at peak freshness then freeze them to lock in both the flavor and nutrients, so when you’re in need of a quick, tasty meal, we’ve got you covered. 


After all this talk about tomatoes, we’re starting to get a little hungry, so why not join us in making a recipe that showcases just how great they can be? Here are some of our favorite recipes that highlight the nutritious and great-tasting tomato.


Summer Zoodle Caprese

Antipasto Protein Bowl

Mediterranean Pesto Shrimp Bowl

Nicoise Salad

Bruschetta Salmon with Mediterranean Quinoa


Find more time-saving and tasty meals on our recipes page, and keep your eye on this blog for more tips, tricks, recipes, and knowledge to help you live a more simple, flavorful and nutritious life.