We’re crazy about quinoa at Path of Life! Quinoa contains all nine essential amino acids, making it a complete protein! Quin-whaaaaa?!


Cauliflower is a powerhouse vegetable that is one of our favorites at Path of Life! Super versatile (hello riced cauliflower, we’re talking about you!), this low-carb alternative can fit into any lifestyle!


The original superfood, kale, is packed with antioxidants, fiber and essential vitamins. Kale yeah!


Corn contains beta-carotene which your body converts to Vitamin A, a key component in maintaining healthy vision and skin! A-maize-ing!


Looking for functional flavor? Garlic pairs well with quinoa and cauliflower! The powerful cloves also contain sulfur compounds that can help reduce inflammation!

Sweet Potato

Don’t stress! Sweet Potato contains magnesium that can help lower stress and anxiety.


We heart tomatoes! The lycopene in this fruit can help keep your heart healthy!


Beans are protein-packed and fiber-rich. Really the health bean-ifits are endless!


Mushrooms are the life of the party! These fungis (see what we did there?) are packed with B vitamins that help boost energy!


Time Oat! Did you know Organic Steel-Cut Oats are rich in protein and fiber? If not, you do now!