C is for Corn

Why we love to eat (and cook with) this corny ingredient

Rich in fiber, B12, and iron, corn kernels may be small, but they carry their weight as an energy enhancer.

Many would guess corn is a vegetable, but did you know it’s actually a grain? The cereal grain plant, which originated in Mexico over 10,000 years ago, is renowned as one of summer’s favorite ingredients. While yellow corn (maize) is certainly the most popular and common across the United States, there are additional varieties cropping up in Central America, including red, orange, purple, blue and even white corn utilized in everyday cooking.

With such versatility, it’s simple to enjoy the health benefits corn can lend to an everyday, wholesome diet. Rich in fiber, iron, B12 and a number of antioxidants, these tiny kernels not only taste great but carry their weight as an energy enhancer as well. Corn can be prepared in a variety of ways, from grilled whole on the cob, to steamed, broiled, roasted or microwaved. Taste-wise, there’s nothing quite like the flavor of smoky, freshly grilled corn on the cob or even the addition of fire-roasted corn in dishes ranging from guacamole to pasta, stews, salads, burritos and of course, cornbread.

Both fresh and frozen corn pair exceptionally well with a multitude of ingredients, but are especially delicious in Southwest-inspired cuisine. When combined with components such as black beans, peppers, onions, lime, or even avocado, the flavorful, sweet undertones of corn undoubtedly shine through. At Path of Life, we’re big fans of fire-roasted corn which is featured in two of our frozen blends: first, our Cilantro Lime Rice Blend, and secondly, Southwest Mango Quinoa Blend. We pick our corn at the peak of freshness and then freeze to lock in flavor and nutrients, resulting in a flavor-packed blend that’s ready in minutes.

With all this talk of corn, let’s now share some of our favorite recipes highlighting this incredible ingredient.

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