Our Gluten-Free Faves

May is Celiac Awareness Month, so we here at Path of Life would like to share some of our favorite gluten-free products.

Celiac disease is an auto-immune disease where the small intestines are damaged when a person eats gluten. However, staying gluten-free doesn’t mean eating flavor-free.

Whether you are looking to expand your diet, or already live a fully gluten-free lifestyle, we can all benefit from learning about the best gluten-free foods out there. With that, here’s a roundup of our faves from every aisle of the store. 

Of course, all Path of Life frozen products are completely gluten-free, including our new Rice Blends. The Cilantro Lime Rice Blend kicks up the flavor with red peppers, red onions, and fire-roasted corn. The Saffron Rice Blend is flavored with turmeric and has carrots and green onion for a fresh and satisfying crunch. Not feeling like rice tonight? You can always keep it classic with The Original Quinoa & Kale simply seasoned with olive oil, garlic, and sea salt. 

Brazi Bites, also found in the freezer section, are our new GF obsession. Brazilian cheese bread is made primarily of cheese and tapioca flour, so they are naturally gluten-free. They are the perfect bite-sized burst of cheesy goodness that complement any meal, satisfy every snacker, and entertain every partygoer as a great handheld appetizer. 

Want to add some umami to your favorite gluten-free dishes? Substitute soy sauce in your favorite recipes with San-J Tamari. Tamari, like soy sauce, is primarily made with fermented soybeans. However, tamari is both wheat and gluten-free, with a milder but more complex flavor than normal soy sauces. San-J even makes it easy to take the flavor on-the-go with their tamari travel packs, too.

If you love Mexican flavors but are missing tortillas, don’t fret. Siete makes tortillas with a variety of grain-free and gluten-free ingredients. Their flavors include tortillas made from almond flour, cassava flour, chickpea flour, cashew flour, and cassava with chia. Beyond tortillas, they also make a variety of chips, dips, and sauces that are all gluten-free and vegan. Their focus on flavor and texture won’t make you feel like you are settling for a substitute—it’s as close to the real thing as you can get.

For those with a sweet tooth, Base Culture’s breads and brownies are the perfect portable solution when a craving comes on. All Base Culture products are gluten-free, grain-free, and made with all-natural ingredients. Their Sweet Breads are available in banana and pumpkin flavors and make an excellent on-the-go breakfast. They also make brownies in almond butter, raspberry, and cashew butter blondie flavors.

While there are many gluten-free granolas available at your local market, our favorite comes from Glutenfreeda. In particular, the apple almond honey granola is downright addictive. The sweetness of apples and organic honey is paired with gluten-free oats, roasted almonds, and flax seeds. Something so delicious is also nutritious, as it contains five superfoods. 

If you’d like to try Path of Life, or any of the products mentioned above, they are all available on Instacart and can be delivered right to your home!