4 Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Vegetables

Turn your kids into veggie lovers in four simple steps

Want your kids to eat more veggies? Let us show you how to make that dream into a reality.

No matter what age your kids are, we know that they can be a little particular when it comes to trying new foods, and never is that more true than when it comes time to introduce them to some new vegetables. But it doesn’t have to be this way! At Path of Life, we want to help make your kids excited about eating their veggies, and we’ve got a few surefire ways to get your kiddos thrilled about the prospect of making new food friends.

Create a Coloring Book of Vegetables
What’s more fun than a little family coloring contest? We designed some veggie coloring book pages, but any kind will do for this little art project. Just print off some pictures of vegetables that will be new to your kids and bust out the crayons, so they can get creative while also getting comfortable with the look of a new food. This activity works especially well with cauliflower, as it comes in all kinds of fun colors (purple, orange, and green) so you can get your kids used to this brightly colored veggie and then let them snack on some with our (not so fried) Riced Cauliflower Blend.

Plant a Garden
By planting a garden, you’re creating fun family memories while also letting your kids see where their food really comes from. Not only is it a great way to educate your kids on the fact that food doesn’t actually come from a fridge, freezer or pantry, but they’ll want to try these new foods as soon as they’re ripe. Pick some easy fruits and veggies like snap peas, potatoes, cucumbers, or cherry tomatoes then let your kids taste the fruits of their labor. Literally!

Invite Kids to the Kitchen
One of the easiest ways to get kids excited about trying new foods is to let them help out in the kitchen. By letting your little ones see how a meal comes together, and letting them help out where they can, you can get them engaged and excited about food by cooking some new veggies. And with Path of Life, you can even have them prep and cook veggies all by themselves, as our blends just need to be microwaved to unleash their full flavor.

Turn Veggies Into Fun Shapes
Kids love to play with their food, and here’s one way to make that into an actually acceptable practice! Our recipe for Southwest Zucchini Boats are a great example of how to make your meal a little more fun looking so the kids will want to gobble it right up before they even ask what’s in it.

Find more time-saving and tasty meals on our recipes ​page, and keep your eye on this blog for more tips, tricks, recipes, and knowledge to help you live a more simple, flavorful and nutritious life.