10 Tips for Eating Plant-Based Around the Holidays

Our top do’s and dont’s for a delicious and healthy holiday season.

  1. DO eat the rainbow, DON’T stick to just greens.

Fruits and vegetables come in a wide variety of different colors, which is great because each color provides our bodies with different benefits. The colors of fruits and vegetables are filled with phytochemicals. A phytochemical is a really great compound that enhances your immune system which is especially important during the holidays. Make half of your plate fruits and veggies and you are good to go!

  1. DO eat a hearty breakfast, DON’T skip it because you plan to eat a lot later.

Many of us forego breakfast on big holidays to save our appetite for the delicious food we will indulge in later on. However, if you consume a balanced breakfast you will likely cut your hunger and be less likely to eat one too many sweets later in the day.

  1. DO bring your favorite recipe, DON’T rely on other guests to provide food.

One way to ensure you will have a plant-based meal at your holiday gathering, is bringing your own! We cannot always rely on others to provide us with the foods we typically would like to eat because not everyone eats a plant-based diet. This also gives you a chance to prove how delicious plant-based recipes can be!

  1. DO start your meal with light foods, DON’T start with heavy foods.

Starting off your meal with a light salad or vegetables allows you to indulge in some tasty, nutrient-dense foods, and you’ll feel more satisfied going into the next course. So if you find that you don’t have many options for plant-based things to eat, you’ve already filled up a bit!

  1. DO keep your favorite sauces on hand, DON’T skip out on flavor.

We’ve all ended up at a holiday meal where there’s nothing plant-based but raw vegetables and salad. Keep your favorite sauce with you so you can jazz up the food available and make it tasty, no matter what.

  1. DO try variety, DON’T limit yourself.

We can often get stuck in the same routine of eating foods that are comfortable to us. Trying new foods allows us to expand our horizons and get some well-needed nutrients in our diet. Looking for some new plant-based foods? Check out ​Path of Life’s​ delicious offerings.

  1. DO bring a snack, DON’T avoid food until you get home.

If you’re worried about not having any options to eat, pack a powerful snack with you just in case. Apples, nuts or seeds, coconut yogurt, or a homemade wrap can all be perfect snacks.

  1. DO supplement properly, DON’T eat low-nutrient foods.

Make sure you are supplementing properly for nutrients that you might be more susceptible to being deficient in. Some key nutrients include vitamin B-12 and iron.

  1. DO encourage new traditions, DON’T bash old ones.

Remember that at one point, you may have indulged in non plant-based holiday goodies and bashing these traditions is not something that will get your friends and family on board with your way of life. Instead, encourage others to try out a plant-based dish that you prepared.

  1. DO stay hydrated, DON’T forget to enjoy.

During the holidays, we may be more inclined to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or a sugary drink of choice. Don’t forget that staying hydrated and drinking fluids can make a big difference in how we feel and eat, and keep a water bottle nearby at all times.

Find more time-saving and tasty meals on our recipes page, and keep your eye on this blog for more tips, tricks, recipes, and knowledge to help you live a more simple, flavorful and nutritious life.